What is Well Logging?

Well Logging measures the physical properties inside a borehole to give us a clear picture of what lies beneath the Earth’s surface. It’s crucial for finding and understanding geological formations and checking the orientation of boreholes.

Why It Matters:

When it’s hard to get core samples, Well Logging in Pakistan is invaluable. It gives us a detailed look inside, helping solve puzzles about how underground layers differ from one place to another. This is especially important for locating oil, gas, or water reservoirs.

Our Techniques:

We use various methods to get the clearest results:
• Spontaneous Potential Log: Looks at natural electric currents to tell different rock types apart.
• Resistivity Log: Uses electricity to figure out how easily current can pass through rocks, which tells us about their porosity and fluid contents.
• Gamma Ray Log: Measures natural radiation to identify rock types.
• Neutron Log: Helps find fluids by detecting changes in radiation caused by neutrons.
• Temperature Log: Tracks temperature changes to pinpoint different underground activities.

Choose Us for Expert Insights:

Our well logging services guide drilling decisions and improve understanding of the underground world. For clearer insights and better drilling outcomes, trust our expert team.

Contact Us:

Ready to explore below the surface? Contact us today to learn more about our well logging services and how they can help your projects succeed.

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