The goal of geophysical surveys for ground water exploration is not just to find water, but to identify drilling locations with the most potential for optimal production rates. WSP Services includes this Exploration with vast Experience.

Once the depth to water table is known, drilling to that depth from almost any location in the target area will encounter some amount of water. The significant challenge is finding the quality and quantity necessary for development while making the best use of investment and drilling dollars.

Housing and economic development is constrained by available water in many locations worldwide. Water wells are increasingly deeper, making drilling an expensive endeavor and foolhardy without adequate geophysical data.

Hence for groundwater exploration a judicious application or integration of techniques is most essential to become successful in exploration, technologically as well as economically. It is to be clearly conceptualized that groundwater cannot be detected directly by any one of the geophysical methods and therefore the interpretation is contextual and a broad understanding of the subsurface hydro geological condition is prerequisite.

The systematic geophysical surveys for groundwater exploration have been done at P&G Port Qasim Plant, Creek Developers (Pvt) Ltd (Arkadians) and many other places.

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