Transforming Water with Reverse Osmosis

At Water Solution Pakistan, our main goal in desalination is to effectively reduce the salt content in both brackish water and seawater, making it suitable for consumption and use. With typical salt levels ranging from 2,000 mg/L in brackish water to over 35,000 mg/L in seawater, our reverse osmosis (RO) technology ensures that water meets the World Health Organization’s recommended maximum of 500 mg/L for drinking water.​

Why Choose Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse Osmosis technology is a leading, cost-effective method for desalinating water. Thanks to advancements in membrane technology and the benefits of economies of scale, RO has become increasingly affordable and efficient.​​

Our Reverse Osmosis Services Include:

• Seawater RO: Designed for the high salt content of seawater.
• High Brackish Water RO: Tailored for water with salt content at the higher end of the brackish spectrum.
• Brackish Water RO: Ideal for typical brackish water desalination.
• Double Pass RO: Provides an extra level of purification for even lower salt content.
• Containerized RO: Flexible, mobile solutions that can be deployed quickly and efficiently.
• Water Softening: Reduces hardness in water, making it softer and more suitable for everyday use.​

Innovative Energy Integration and Cost Management

We are committed to reducing the cost of desalination by lowering energy consumption. Our integration of alternative energy sources and advanced energy recovery systems, including solar pumps and energy-efficient plant modifications, helps keep capital and operational costs low. Our meticulous maintenance processes also ensure the longevity and efficiency of our RO systems.

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