Understanding Soil Investigation Services in Pakistan

Soil investigation, or geotechnical investigation, is crucial for obtaining detailed information about the physical properties of soil and rock at a construction site. Conducted by skilled geotechnical engineers or engineering geologists, these investigations help design robust foundations for new structures and address issues in existing ones caused by subsurface conditions.

Why Choose Soil Investigation?

• Design and Safety: Essential for designing effective earthworks and foundations, ensuring stability and safety of structures.
• Repair and Maintenance: Helps in the repair of structures affected by adverse subsurface conditions.
• Specialized Applications: Useful in assessing soil properties needed for thermal resistivity, important in projects involving underground transmission lines, oil and gas pipelines, and more.

Our Soil Investigation Techniques:

• Surface Exploration: Includes geologic mapping, geophysical methods, and photogrammetry, alongside simple site observations by our professionals to assess visible conditions.
• Subsurface Exploration: We employ various methods such as test pits, trenching, boring, and in situ tests to gather data below the surface. This phase often involves soil sampling and subsequent laboratory tests to analyze these samples.

Advanced Exploration Methods:

Sometimes, our team uses advanced geophysical methods to gather data about sites, providing a deeper understanding without invasive techniques.

Partner with Us for Expert Soil Investigation

At Water Solution Pakistan, we bring expertise and precision to every project, ensuring that your construction or repair project is built on a solid foundation. Our comprehensive approach to soil investigation helps you mitigate risks and optimize design.

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