Welcome to Water Solution Pakistan (WSP)

Your premier partner in groundwater solutions across Pakistan. At WSP, our experience runs deep—we’ve been mastering the art of water boring in Pakistan for years. Our mission is clear: to deliver unparalleled water treatment services, from precision drilling of water wells to expert surveys and robust pump installations.

Why WSP Stands Out

WSP is equipped with modern machinery to carry out the job of to the entire satisfaction of the client. The consulting and construction services of WSP are supported by strong data base, field equipment’s, computerized processing and analysis.At WSP, we pride ourselves on the quality and reliability of our work. Whether you’re looking for a water boring company in Pakistan, need expert drilling services, detailed surveying, or efficient pump installations, we have the advanced tools and seasoned expertise to handle your needs effectively. Our modern machinery is always up-to-date, ensuring every project is tackled with the most efficient and effective solutions available.

But our true difference lies in our commitment to you, our client. At WSP, we do more than just complete tasks—we ensure they are done excellently. Our consulting and construction services are grounded in thorough data analysis, top-tier equipment, and a deep understanding of water management challenges and solutions. Choosing WSP means partnering with a team dedicated to excellence and client satisfaction, ensuring you receive dependable results every time.

Our Clients
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  • watersolutionpakistan@hotmail.com, info@wsp.com.pk
  • C-2/1, Ground Floor , Gulistan - E--Erum, Gulshan e Iqbal , Block III, Karachi.​
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